Il momento della verità

The story of a peasant boy from southern Spain who has come to Barcelona to escape a life of poverty. Once in the city, bullfighting offers him a way out of his vicious circle of misery. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH is not an anti-bullfighting film; rather, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH is a compelling, hard-hitting and fascinatingly modern film about bullfighting. It is not a film against Franco or against fascism, but a film about Spain. Rosi wanted to try to understand this country and make a film about it that, in certain respects, is more enduring than random historical facts”. (Eckhart Schmidt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 6.12.1965)
by Francesco Rosi
with Miguel Mateo Miguelín, José Gómez Sevillano, Pedro Basauri Pedrucho
Italy / Spain 1964/65 110’ empfohlen ab 18 Jahren

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