Himlens hjärta

Heaven's Heart
Lars and Susanna have been happily married for years. Their love for each other is as strong as the day they first met and they have managed to carve out a secure existence for themselves. They both have interesting jobs that pay well and there are two nice cars parked outside their spacious house. They lead a happy family life. Soon their daughter will leave home, but Susanna and Lars will be able to cope. They’ve got plenty of plans.
Susanna’s friends Ann and Ulf lead similar lives. They too have been married for almost twenty years. Financially secure, intelligent and eloquent – the encounters with Ann and Ulf are always a particular pleasure. Over dinner together one evening Susanna begins to talk about one of her colleague’s affairs. Quite unexpectedly, her company gossip prompts fierce reactions on the part of her listeners. The happily married couples begin to argue. Before they know it, they have moved beyond general moralising to talk on a more fundamental, personal level. What do they have after twenty ostensibly happy years of marriage? Things that seemed undisputable during all those years together suddenly don’t mean anything any more. After this evening, life, and the marriages of these two couples and close friends will be quite different.
by Simon Staho
with Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Endre, Jakob Eklund, Maria Lundquist
Sweden / Denmark 2008 95’

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