Love And Other Crimes

Liebe und andere Verbrechen
Anica lives in New Belgrade, a miserable district of tower blocks and concrete. She is mistress to Milutin, a wealthly local criminal who owns a solarium and runs a protection racket. Anica is determined not to grow old in this dump where neither love nor life seems to offer her a decent future. One grey winter’s day Anica has an idea to steal money from Milutin’s safe, get on a plane and leave the country forever.
Anica says goodbye to friends and relatives with little gifts and gestures – discretely, for they must not get wind of her impending departure. She wants this to be the perfect farewell from her imperfect life. But the day is full of surprises. Stanislav is a young man from Anica’s neighbourhood who also works for Milutin. Although his life is not without its dangers, he is nevertheless regarded as a kind soul in his neighbourhood and he takes good care of his ageing mother and Milutin’s autistic daughter, Ivana. Stanislav is in love with Anica; he has loved her since he was a child – and he senses her plan to leave. Fearing he may lose her he decides to go the whole hog and for the first time admits his love for her. Anica is taken aback, but nevertheless allows him to accompany her on her little farewell tour. As the day wears on the two begin to grow close and Anica returns Stanislav’s feelings. Her plan begins to falter. Might there be a future for them in Serbia – or could Stanislav go with her? They only have until the evening to decide.
by Stefan Arsenijevic
with Anica Dobra, Milena Dravic, Fedja Stojanovic, Hanna Schwamborn, Vuk Kostic
Germany / Serbia / Austria / Slovenia 2007 106’

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