The Other Boleyn Girl

Die Schwester der Königin
The life of Anne Boleyn (1501–1536), who came to the English court at an early age together with her siblings Mary and George to further her family’s influence, is an opulent costume drama, romantic tragedy and a magnificent tale of betrayal, passion and love. Contrary to expectations, Anne is unable to win the Henry VIII’ favour. While Anne is forced to spend a period of time at a convent, her blonde-haired sister Mary becomes Henry VIII’ mistress and lives the life that was to have been Anne’s. If previously Anne was merely a pawn in her uncle’s plans and his greed for wealth and recognition, on her return, she is an experienced and assured tactician who is determined to become more than one of the king’s many mistresses. A secure position at court is not enough for her – what she seeks is gratification and genuine power. With intelligence, charm and calm ingenuity she conquers Henry’s affections and gains his esteem as no other woman before her. Becoming his confidante, she soon replaces her sister Mary as the king’s mistress. Anne sets the wheels of an emotional and political upheaval in motion that finally leads to the annulling of Henry’s marriage to his long-standing wife Catherine of Aragón and sets England on the road towards the break with the Catholic Church. Her passionate ambition takes her as far as the English throne. But in the end it is also her downfall.
by Justin Chadwick
with Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, Kristin Scott Thomas, Mark Rylance, David Morrissey
USA / United Kingdom 2007 115’

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Universal Pictures

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