Maré, nossa historia de amor

Another Love Story
A Brazilian version of ‘West Side Story’ powered by hip hop, rap, funk and samba rhythms. Inspired by the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the film tells the story of the forbidden love between two young people living in a favela where two rival gangs of drug dealers hold sway. Analídia is a relative of the leader of one of these gangs, and Jonathan the relative of the boss of the other gang. These two meet in a dance troupe led by Fernanda, who tries to mediate between the two gangs.
Jonathan is the local DJ. He dreams of one day making his own CD. But Jonathan is torn between two brothers. On the one hand there’s Paulo, an upstanding idealist and Samba fan. His antagonist is his adopted brother, Dudu, who promises to support Jonathan’s career with drug money.
One day, Analídia moves to their part of town. After her father’s arrest she is now personally protected by her cousin Bê, who is Dudu’s rival. The neutral ground of the dance troupe is the only place where she and Jonathan can meet. For the other inhabitants of Marés the dance company represents a way of escaping the drug war that rages on the streets around them. But the violence escalates. And threatens to put an end to Jonathan and Analídia’s happiness.
by Lúcia Murat
with Cristina Lago, Vinicius D'Black, Marisa Orth, Jefchander Lucas, Anjo Lopes, Elisa Lucinda, Flávio Bauraqui, Malu Galli, Babu Santana
Brazil / France / Uruguay 2007 105’

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