Dokuritsu Gurentai

Desperado Outpost
Set in the frontlines of World War II China, this dynamic action film with a hard-boiled touch deals with the foolishness of war. War correspondent Araki heads toward a unit nicknamed "The Desperados". Seeking the truth behind a suicide incident, he negotiates with First Lieutenant Hashimoto and a group of bandits. Okamoto wrote the script using the concept of an outsider, and expanded upon it with thrilling action in the style of a Western. Sato Makoto demonstrates such fearless charm in his first starring role that his popularity propelled subsequent sequels to be made.
Text: Morimune Atsuko, catalog TOKYO FILMeX 2006
Photo: © 1959 TOHO Co., Ltd.
by Okamoto Kihachi
with Sato Makoto, Nakatani Ichiro, Mifune Toshiro, Nakamaru Tadao, Tsuruta Koji, Ehara Tatsuyoshi, Yukimura Izumi
Japan 1959 108’

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