Blind Flight
Rainer has everything he wants: a great job, a great car, a great wife. And now he's decided to give his great wife a great kid. The great wife, how ever, doesn't think much of the idea and promptly takes herself off.
Henrik doesn't have anything to feel great about anymore. He has his apartment cleared out, shoves the piano down a hill and gives his car to a wreckers' yard. He's bought two flight tickets that will take him somewhere far, far away, when it's all over and done with. A man throws himself away. But why does he need two tickets? Perhaps for the other man's wife? They don't even know each other. But then they do meet. One woman, two men, 24 hours, an airport and a bomb threat. Check-in. Check-out. Check-in.
What kinds of people, coincidences and stupidities do we come across during the course of our day? Is it possible to plan and create our own lives?
by Ben von Grafenstein
with Christoph Bach, Michael Rotschopf, Barbara Philipp
Germany 2006 61’

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