I Have Never Forgotten You - The Life And Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal

Ich habe Euch nicht vergessen - Simon Wiesenthals Leben und Vermächtnis
This film describes the life and legacy of the famous Nazi-hunter and humanist Simon Wiesenthal, who died in 2005. A secular Jew born in the Ukraine, Wiesenthal survived the Holocaust but lost 89 members of his own and his wife's family in the concentration camps. He dedicated more than six decades of his life to tracking down Nazi war criminals. An architect by trade, he never practiced this profession after the war. What was the driving force behind his work? Where did he find the energy to continue when it looked as though his years of effort where doomed to failure? What personal sacrifices did he make and what effect did his activities have on his wife and daughter?
Not only did Wiesenthal succeed in contributing to the prosecution of 1,100 war criminals, he was also one of the first to draw public attention to the camps that held gypsies, homosexuals and many others who suffered under Nazi rule. Celebrated by many as the "conscience of the Holocaust", his career was nevertheless not without controversy - his stance with regard to the Kurt Waldheim affair in the 1980s was a particular case in point. This film describes Wiesenthal's entire life - his childhood in the Ukraine, his Holocaust experiences, and the years spent chasing Nazis. This documentary also features interviews with long-standing comrades-in-arms, heads of state from all over the world, friends and family members. Among those who appear in the film is Wiesenthal's only child, his daughter Pauline, who talks for the first time about her parents and their relationship which lasted almost seventy years. Filmed at locations in Austria, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, the Ukraine and in the USA, the film also presents hitherto unpublished archive footage and photographs.
by Richard Trank USA 2006 103’

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