Man In The Chair

Man in the Chair
Cameron Kincaid is a hot-headed young man who is always getting into fights and arguments. Cameron is also a fanatical film buff whose ardent wish is to become a major filmmaker. The way things are going, Cameron is more likely to wind up in a reformatory than on a film set. But then, one day, Cameron decides to enter a student film competition, the winner of which will receive a scholarship to attend film school in Los Angeles. Enlisting the aid of a retired lighting technician named Flash, Cameron sets to work.
Flash is the only surviving member of the crew that once worked on the legendary cinema classic, CITIZEN KANE. Flash introduces Cameron to a num ber of other old Hollywood hands all living in a home for elderly members of the film industry. Among Flash's friends is Mickey Hopkins, a longforgotten screenwriter who is eking out an existence at a shabby-looking old people's home. Flash asks him to write the screenplay for Cameron's competition entry. Enthusiastic at first, an insecure Mickey nevertheless turns down the offer, fearing that he no lon ger has what it takes to create a story. His self-confidence gradually returns, however, when Cameron pays him a visit and shows him that he is by no means forgotten, and that his name can even be found on the internet movie data base, IMDB.
With the aid of these old-timers, Cameron succeeds in making a film to be proud of, about the plight of the nation's elderly. Yet even more important than the film itself is Cameron's relationship with his team of senior citizens. To the ageing filmmakers, the movie is like a flashback to the good old days of Hollywood. To Cameron, it marks an important step towards his future.
by Michael Schroeder
with Christopher Plummer, Michael Angarano, M. Emmet Walsh, Robert Wagner, Mitch Pileggi
USA 2006 107’

World sales

Shoreline Entertainment

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