Sipur Hatzi Russi

Love & Dance
Chen is a boy who lives in Israel. Although his Russian-born mother and his father, who grew up in Israel, have a lot in common, they both have very different approaches to life. Chen's mother sets great store by things like the theatre; good table manners are also important to her. His father is more of a rough and ready character, with a soft centre. He'd like to Chen to be a real man - not a softie. But as far as he's concerned, the boy is bound to turn out this way if he's exposed to his mother's influence any longer. Poor Chen! Then, one day, Chen finds himself at a dance school where kids of his age are being taught how to perform ballroom dances such as the waltz and the tango. This is where Chen meets the beautiful Natalie. He falls in love with her on the spot. The children's dance teachers are a couple of ex-world championship dancers from the Soviet Union who never quite made it. Having missed their chance, they've now decided to lay the ghosts of their past by letting their pupils into the secrets of quickstep, jive and cha cha cha, as well as the art of the dazzling smile. To Chen, dance soon becomes a means of bridging the gap that threatens to split his own family.
by Eitan Anner
with Vladimir Volov, Valeria Voevodin, Talya Raz, Evgenya Dodina, Avi Kushnir, Oksana Korostyshevskaya, Kirill Safonov
Israel 2006 90’ empfohlen ab 10 Jahren

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