Leiutajateküla Lotte

Lotte from Gadgetville | Lotte im Dorf der Erfinder
Lotte is a lively young girl puppy that lives somewhere in a coastal village. The village's inhabitants have a rather strange passion for new inventions. Once a year, the best invention is awarded a prize at a competition. Lotte's father, Oscar, is a respected inventor. His greatest rival, a rabbit named Adalbert, is miserable about Oscar's reputation and determines each year to try to beat Oscar.
The day before the competition, Lotte and her friend Bruno are taking a relaxing swim when they come across an old Japanese book bobbing up and down on the waves. When they hang up the book to dry, a tiny bee falls out. Susumu is a Japanese judo bee, who teaches judo and will one day become a sensai.
The competition kicks off the next day with an exciting programme of events, the highlight of which is the awarding of the prize to Oscar. Adalbert flips his lid until Susumo intervenes, flooring him with great ease and aplomb. All at once, the entire village discovers a new mass sport. Before long, everyone is a fan of judo, particularly Lotte and Bruno, who become Susumu's deshis or pupils. But how is Susumu to get back to Japan? Isn't there an international judo competition? Giovanni the fox and Lotte's inventor father come up with an idea.
by Heiki Ernits, Janno Põldma Estonia / Latvia 2006 81’ empfohlen ab 5 Jahren

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