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Beauty and the Bastard
Nelli is a dutiful daughter who would never contradict the wishes and expectations of her parents. Her mother and father have visions of her as a doctor. They would like Nelli to study medicine, like her boyfriend, whom she has been dating for quite some time. But Nelli’s dream is to be a singer. Doctor – or singer? There’s no way that these two careers can be combined. What’s more, Nelli doesn’t even know how to produce the demo tape she needs to convince record companies of her talent.
Sune lives a far less sheltered existence. He’s a talented Hip Hop DJ with one, albeit embarrassing, weakness – his fear of women. In order to convince his friends that the opposite is true, he takes on a bet that he will manage to bed the unapproachable Nelli. An impossible task, so his mates believe. Women like Nelli won’t even give the time of day to a guy like Sune. Not a bit of it, thinks Nelli, believing that the DJ is just the right person to help her produce her demo tape.
The two meet. Each have entirely different ulterior motives. And, although they are perfectly aware of how they are using each other, they fall in love. But Sune and Nelli have got a lot to learn. She learns that it’s impossible to please everybody in life, and he realises that you shouldn’t try to control everything in life or art. Sune and Nelli prove a great source of amusement for Sune’s gang. But Nelli’s boyfriend is not at all amused by their liaison. And as for Nelli – it’s time for her to decide what her dream of another life really means to her.
by Dome Karukoski
with Pamela Tola, Samuli Vauramo
Finland 2005 102’ empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

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