Florian Gaag’s debut feature takes a look at individual respect and recognition within a very special group. Made on a shoestring in order to capture the graffiti scene as authentically as possible, the film tells the story of a crew of four young graffitists dedicated to creating their own special values, rules and codes. A story about friendship and a passion that transcends all reason, it begins when another crew appears on the scene. Before long, a struggle for honour and style ensues that reaches the limit when David, Elyas and Achim decide to spray a ‘wholetrain’ – an entire city train. Their decision will change the lives of these four forever.
Writer-director Florian Gaag was himself a member of Munich’s graffiti scene for many years. He later took up studies at Tisch School of the Arts in New York, also contributing to the Hip Hop magazine, “Juice”. Gaag persuaded well-known international graffiti artists Won, Cemnoz, Pure, Ciel and Neon to create both the graffiti and graffiti pieces for his film.
Filmed in Munich and Warsaw, most of the young cast and crew working either in front of the camera or behind it were doing so for the first time.
by Florian Gaag
with Mike Adler, Florian Renner, Elyas M'Barek, Jacob Matschenz
Germany 2005 83’

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