Provincia meccanica

Smalltown, Italy
Marco and Silvia Battaglia are not exactly your average couple. They have two children, Sonia and Davis, a dog and an iguana – which is nothing out of the ordinary. What makes them different is their chaotic household and the fact that they treat their children as equals, their motto being: “what’s mine is yours”. It is as if the Battaglias have never quite grown up.
The family lives in Ravenna, and Silvia looks after the children when Marco has to go to the factory. Their way of life doesn’t gain everyone’s approval and, when Sonia’s teacher criticises her parent’s approach to raising their children, Silvia’s mother Gabrielle steps in and, with the aid of social services, manages to obtain the right to raise her granddaughter. The news shocks Silvia to the core but Marco is not in any position to help her. Family life at the Battaglias is beginning to show signs of collapse.
Marco makes friends with a Russian car mechanic named Dragan and Silvia gets it into her head that she can somehow use him to atone for the mistakes she has made with her daughter. Silvia spends a night with Dragan, and this makes her feel better immediately. But then she falls pregnant and, when the child is born and Marco learns the truth, he goes berserk. Silvia leaves him and moves in with Dragan on his boat, taking the baby and Davis with her. But the arrangement does not last for long, and Silvia soon seeks refuge in a women’s hostel. Gradually, Silvia begins to gain a certain amount of maturity.
But life begins to go downhill for Marco. He loses his job and then, when things start to get decidedly dramatic, he abducts his daughter Sonia in a desperate attempt to bring the family back together…
by Stefano Mordini
with Stefano Accorsi, Valentina Cervi, Ivan Franek
Italy 2004 107’

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