Hitch - Der Date Doktor
“No matter when or how, every man can sweep a woman off her feet – all you need is the right broom.” So goes one of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens’ credos. And he should know, for Hitch – otherwise known as the “date doctor” – is New York’s most successful dating agent and a master of his trade. Hitch can get even the most mediocre guy a date with his dream woman. His recipe for success? Pairing off average men with extraordinary women. Hitch knows what women want – and he knows every trick in the book. His brilliant tips on how to flirt and his excellent contacts mean that Hitch can arrange dates for his male clients with some of the hottest ladies in town, such as actor Allegra Cole, recently voted “Sexiest Woman Alive”. Hitch’s credo is: have her at your feet by the third date at the latest.
Unfortunately, from time to time there is the odd hopeless case. Gentle account Albert is one such guy. In spite of intensive extra lessons from Hitch he still doesn’t appear to have gained one iota of charm and consequently drives Hitch to distraction. But, as if that isn’t enough, hard-boiled gossip columnist Sara Melas has gone undercover in Hitch’s agency in order to learn the secrets of his infamous training sessions. After a string of disappointing relationships, Sara – like Hitch – no longer believes in true love and has nothing but sober cynicism for romantic relationships. Ironically, it’s precisely this attitude that makes them perfect for each other. And so it is that hard-nosed professional bachelor Hitch is soon treading on unknown territory. Hitch, it seems, is hopelessly in love. All too soon he finds himself behaving in exactly the same awkward and clumsy fashion as his clients…
by Andy Tennant
with Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Amber Valletta
USA 2004 113’

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Sony Pictures Releasing

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