Zhe Ge Jia Qi Te Bie Chang

This Unusual Vacation | Unsere merkwürdigen Ferien
Heather wakes up hungry, whilst her mum has the shakes. On a quest for something to eat and money to feed her mother's drug habit, matters get out of hand, and Heather ends up paying a price she never expected.THIS UNUSUAL VACATION
During the summer holidays you’re just supposed to have fun. That’s exactly what Panxing, Huo Da und Jin Bao want to do. The friends can’t wait to horse around down by the river. Yet then, in their impetuosity, they cause a serious accident in which an old man not only loses his bucket of fish, but also his memory.
At first this seems quite practical, since it means the old man can’t remember what happened to him and how the boys were involved in his mishap. But little by little the three realize that no matter how hard they try to repress and cover things up, they still have a bad conscience. After a distressing period in which the friends are also worried about being exposed as the culprits, they have no alternative but to take the bull by the horns and accept the consequences.
At the end of their holidays, Panxing, Huo Da and Jin Bao have not only had a lot of fun but have also learned a few things they would never have learned at school. The director is not, by any means, trying to lecture anyone in this film, but wants to tell a profound and moving story about a summer adventure in provincial China.
by Li Hong
with Li Chang, Zhang Haocheng, Shen Kai
People’s Republic of China 2004 86’ empfohlen ab 7 Jahren

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