Fjorton Suger

Fourteen Sucks
14-year-old Emma finds her own friends too childish and prefers to hang out with her older brother’s mates. This proves to be Emma’s introduction to a whole new world – although she soon finds out that this world is by no means a bed of roses. Emma is just beginning to get an inkling of what it means to grow up, when she meets Patrik. And then she is forced to experience a most painful breach of her trust…
This film, which marks the filmmakers’ directorial debut, revisits all those teen parties, as well as the feelings of butterflies in the stomach and the rude awakenings that often accompany first love. Martin Jern: “The film comes from what I remember of being 14. What you remember is all the worst and all the best stuff. Everything is black and white, and I try to portray the worst possible events and the best possible events. The movie tackles a very common everyday problem. Guys get in fights outside of discos because they come from the wrong school or talk to the wrong girl. Girls get drunk and get raped because guys are horny. That’s how bad it is. What should they do? Send an email to the Minister of justice? Write op-ed articles for the evening paper? Get into politics and join a youth party? When kids are 14, they want things to happen now. And I want this, too.”
by Filippa Freijd, Martin Jern, Henrik Norrthon, Emil Larsson
with Elin Ahlberg, Jesper Fridh, Andreas Karoliussen, Björn Månsson
Sweden 2004 83’

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