Falla Vackert

Falling Beauty
What’s worse? Your parents being broke and constantly at loggerheads?
Or them robbing a bank? Charming Columbian Ramon appears out of the blue one day in the midst of Sweden’s pine forests and, all of a sudden,
the torpor that has beset this family on the brink of collapse begins to
Sixteen-year-old Ninni doesn’t like what’s happening at all – she especially dislikes the way that Ramon’s mere presence appears to unleash hitherto unknown criminal energy on the part of her parents. Ramon’s friendly, winning manner causes much confusion; her parents may have made their peace for the moment – but they soon find themselves in a dangerous situation. Only much later does Ninni realise that the stranger in their midst seeks something else entirely: Ramon is in love with her. But Ninni will have to learn a good deal more about herself before she comes to this realisation.
FALLA VACKERT is a film in which adults act like teenagers and teenagers grow up just a little too quickly.
by Lena Hanno Clyne
with Leyla Belle Drake, Malena Engström, Simon Mezher
Sweden / Norway 2004 96’

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