Flammend' Herz

Blue Skin
Herbert, a prosperous entrepreneur living amongst post-card Swiss
mountains. Karlmann, son of one of Northern Germany’s richest families. And Albert, an olde-style sailor. Three lifelong friends who devoted their
lives to a common passion when this was seriously taboo: tattooing.
At first, the three give the impression of being friendly, polite and well-to-do gentlemen around 90. And that’s exactly what they are. But once they take off their shirts, their blue tattooed skin tells dramatic stories of a life
firmly on the other side of convention.
Emotional stories of love and love lost, of friendship and betrayal, of standing up for what you believe in against all odds. BLUE SKIN is a loveable, sometimes tragic, sometimes very funny account of how the three once met, why they find it hard to get on nowadays and whether there’s any hope of making up. And through their biographies, we catch a glimpse of more than one century of one the world’s most beautiful addictions: tattooing.
by Andrea Schuler, Oliver Ruts Germany / Switzerland 2003 90’

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