Thirty-year-old Michale lives in Tel Aviv and has a lot on her plate. She works during the day in her father’s accountancy firm which handles bookkeeping for a number of important religious institutions. But that’s not all: Michale has been cheating on her husband for months. Her affair requires a great deal of clever time management. Sometimes Michale just doesn’t know if she’s coming or going – what with her child, her husband, her job and her lover. Everything just has to work like clockwork, otherwise even the slightest delay can set off a chain reaction, the consequences of which Michale doesn’t even dare picture.
But then, one day, it happens. On the way to another clandestine rendezvous, the hotel where she had agreed to meet her lover is hit by a mob and destroyed.
by Raphael Nadjari
with Asi Levi, Uri Gabriel, Florence Bloch, Shaul Mizrahi
France / Israel 2003 110’

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