God is dead, the world is a terrible place and, because of the desperate need for improvement, people like Mux are crucial. Mux is a thinker, a natural philosopher fond of airing his thoughts and observations in company. His brilliant criticism of media personalities such as Roland Koch or Dieter Bohlen are right on the button and Houellebecq quotes just seem to roll off the tongue. But Mux is also a fighter, someone with the courage to stand up against all manner of injustice and indifference. What really seems to get Mux’s goat are all the little misdemeanours, seeming bagatelles such as jaywalking or people carelessly discarding their rubbish wherever they feel. The worst of it is the way that, whenever such things happen, other pedestrians just stand by and do nothing, without a hint of protest. For this reason Mux decides upon a course of action. Accompanied by his right-hand-man, the long-term unemployed Gerd, who is ready to document their struggle for a better world with his camera and, armed with his gun, “little mouse”, Mux sets about clearing things up. However, there are so many different things to tackle that it’s not long before Mux is obliged to take on more staff; what’s more, the “Society for the Maintenance of Public Spirit” is soon re-named “Operation More Justice”. Things begin to look up for Mux on a personal note, too, when he falls in love with Kira, a young girl he sees as his icon of purity, the sun at the centre of his solar system. But in spite of all of Mux’s good intentions, he finds himself obliged to break the law again and again. And, sooner or later, such action is bound to have serious consequences . . .
by Marcus Mittermeier
with Jan Stahlberg, Fritz Roth
Germany 2003 90’

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