Primo Amore

First Love
Vittorio is a man who loves women. His heart, however, is destined for just the one partner – his dream woman. Vittorio would like to form her body as a sculptor would a piece of clay; then he would inspire her soul until she met his ideals. The woman he loves must be charming, intelligent and full of life. And she must adore him. However, Vittorio will never find the woman to win his heart. And this makes him livid.
Vittorio is a driven man; someone who knows all too well what he wants, making it impossible for him to find it. And then, one day, he sees her. Sonia. Young, pretty, graceful and charming. But is she really the right woman, his one and only? Vittoria is nagged by doubt. At 59 kilos, she is already too heavy to be his perfect woman. Nevertheless, they embark upon their fateful love affair. All at once, Sonia finds herself confronted with Vittorio’s dark side; he starts to gain an influence over her which she can’t avert. In time, their meetings start to push Sonia towards the edge of a precipice. Soon, there’ll be no going back.
PRIMO AMORE is the story of a man who is the victim of his obsessions and who loses control over his own life. It is also the story of a woman who cannot escape her lover’s projections.
by Matteo Garrone
with Vitaliano Trevisan, Michela Cescon
Italy 2003 100’

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