Contra todos

Up Against Them All
Teodoro is the devout, authoritarian father of heavy metal fan Soninha. Teodoro’s strict, religious nature does not, however, prevent him from keeping a mistress, Terenzinha, about whose existence neither Soninha nor Teodoro’s wife Claúdia know a thing. For her part, Claúdia is having an affair with Júlio, the son of the local butcher. Waldomiro, an old friend of Teodoro’s, is a regular visitor to the family’s idyllic home on the edge of São Paulo. Tensions within the family come to head when Júlio is murdered and Claúdia accuses Teodoro of being responsible for her lover’s death. What Claúdia doesn’t know is that her husband Teodoro and his best friend Waldomiro are in fact both hired assassins, whose services are regularly required by businessmen. At the news of her lover’s death, Claúdia leaves the marital home; while her husband is out searching for his wife, their daughter Soninha makes the most of her parent’s absence to enjoy the run of the house. Waldomiro finds Claúdia before her husband does and hides her in a hotel where Claúdia begins an affair with an employee named Lindoval. Shortly after these two become lovers, Lindoval is beaten up. In the meantime, Teodoro receives an assignment from Júlio’s father to find and kill his son’s murderer. This is the situation at the outset of the narrative; from this point on the film takes all sorts of intricate twist and turns, providing all manner of different perspectives until, finally, the remaining characters embrace before the altar.
by Roberto Moreira
with Silvia Lourenço, Giulio Lopes, Leona Cavalli, Ailton Graça
Brazil 2002 96’

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