en route
Sandra is camping in a tent on a remote camp site with her boyfriend Benni and her daughter Jule. At the site they make friends with a vagabond named Marco whose relaxed, spontaneous personality is like a breath of fresh air amidst the small family’s holiday routine. Marco persuades the family to take a trip to the Baltic coast in nearby Poland. The sun, sea and sand ushers in spate of happy, carefree days; gradually, what began as a casual holiday acquaintance begins to turn into a genuine friendship – a friendship, moreover, in which everything and anything seems possible. Just how close can they get? And – how much trust exists between them?
One night, Marco and Sandra cross the fine line between what is and what isn’t acceptable by taking off together on the motorbike. Before long, Sandra is faced with a decision: Benni or Marco? Benni’s jealousy on the one hand and Marco’s new-found Polish friends on the other throw Sandra into a quandry. In spite of her recent happiness, she begins to cast a critical eye over her present environment. It looks as though it’s too late to turn back the clock – or is it? Things come to a head at Jule’s birthday party. When the disastrous celebration comes to an end, Marco abducts Jule, taking her away into the nocturnal woods. However, the magic that worked so well before doesn’t appear to be around any more and, when Sandra and Benni find Jule the next morning, the summer holidays are well and truly over.
by Jan Krüger
with Florian Panzner, Martin Kiefer, Anabelle Lachatte
Germany 2003 80’

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