Triple Agent

France in the year 1936, at the time of the Spanish Civil War. Fiodor, a general in the former Tsar’s army, has taken flight to Paris together with his young Greek wife, Arsinoé. The French are as affected as ever by the civil war raging on the other side of the Pyrenees. Arsinoé sympathises with her Communist neighbours, but Fiodor’s stance is unclear. Moreover, he is constantly on the move, carrying out one secret assignment or another. His activities thoroughly confuse everyone around him, particularly since he makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is a spy. The only thing he does not reveal is the identity of the person or people for whom he is working. Is he being employed by the White Russians against the Communists? Is he a Soviet double agent? A Nazi? Or perhaps all of those things at once? As shrouded in secrecy as this man is, does he still even know who he is? On the one hand he seems to genuinely love his wife and yet, on the other, he appears to be willing to sacrifice her for the sake of some ghastly intrigue. Prompted by a piece of writing, the content of which was never confirmed as being entirely truthful, Rohmer tells a tale in TRIPLE AGENT of espionage and betrayal, deception and disguise. A story in which the private lives of a man and a woman collide with the turbulent events of a global conflict.
by Eric Rohmer
with Serge Renko, Katerina Didaskalu, Amanda Langlet
France 2004 115’

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