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Kick'n Rush
After school, Jakob, Mikkel and Bo hang out on one of those suburban estates where a video rental shop, a burger bar and a game of football represent the only form of entertainment. Bo is the star of their football team; there could even be a professional career in the offing – but Bo doesn’t seem to show any interest. He’d much rather spend his time of late with an older bloke named Jagger and his dodgy mates. As for Jakob and Mikkel – their heads are full of nothing but girls. Jakob has fallen hopelessly in love with Helene, and Mikkel has a crush on a girl who works on the counter at the burger bar. At least there’s one ritual the friends stick to on a regular basis: they rent a video and, hopping onto their bikes, ride over to the nearby holiday homes where they commandeer an empty house for a few carefree hours. However, before long, Bo begins to spend all his spare time with his new mates; meanwhile, Jakob and Mikkel are no closer to winning over the objects of their desire. The trio’s friendship begins to show signs of trouble ahead and, when Jakob suddenly falls in love with Mathilde, it looks as though the friendship is well and truly over. But then, one day, one of the summerhouses is burgled. To make matters worse, one of the items purloined is a video the friends left behind by mistake.
by Aage Rais-Nordentoft
with Jacob Oliver Krarup, Esben Smed, Marie Bach Hansen, Cyron Bjørn Melville
Denmark 2003 90’

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