Quattro Noza

A youth drama literally firing on all cylinders. A tale of love and jealousy set against the backdrop of illegal street racing in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The film’s hero is Chato, the son of Guatemalan immigrants. He finds his life turned upside down when his childhood sweetheart, Noza, falls in love with Quattro, a white racer from the desert who races the same tracks as his did father before him. The couple’s love story marks the beginning of a bitter vendetta during which everyone involved pulls out all the stops. “And although the sound is louder and the cars faster, older members of the audience will recognise in QUATTRO NOZA the grandchildren of AMERICAN GRAFFITI” (production notes). Director Joey Curtis was once an illegal street racer himself. He and his car – a VW Corrado – were part of a clique who set great store by imported, foreign vehicles. 200 street racers were cast for the race sequences; they all appear in the final film with their tuned-up, customised cars. Curtis on his film: “For the film I had to go back into the street-racing world. The racetrack used to be a kind of science fiction place where all those kids did was work on their cars. They made light schemes around their cars and each one had its own unique sound, because they had built all the mufflers themselves out of straight pipes and welded them on. When I went back, the cars all sounded similar because they are all manufactured now, so it was a real search to find real racers. None of my old homies did drugs or even drank alcohol – car racing was the high.”
by Joey Curtis
with Brihanna Hernandez, Victor Larios, Robert Beaumont, Greg Leone, Fabiola Barrios
USA 2003 96’

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Fountainhead Films Inc.

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