Chosun nam nyo sang yeol jisa

Untold Scandal
Eighteenth century Korea during the Chosun dynasty.
Countess Cho leads a double life. The respected wife of a nobleman in public, she is careful to hide all evidence of her private, extra-marital affairs. Her closest ally is Cho Won, the son of influential landed gentry. Cho Won rebels against the duties imposed upon him by his status. He also indulges in all manner of pleasures. Cho Won and Countess Cho have loved each other ever since they grew up together. Unable to fulfil their love for reasons beyond their control, they have nothing but contempt for the world. Revenge and seduction being the only pastimes of any interest to them, they have become masters of intrigue and deceit.
One day, the countess suggests that her partner in crime seduce sixteen-year-old So-ok, who is shortly to become her husband’s concubine. Cho Won, however, has his eyes on the virtuous Countess Sook, who is widely admired for her fidelity to her late husband. When the Countess promises to give herself to him after all should he be successful in his current mission, Cho Won agrees to deflower this delightful child . . .
by E J-Yong
with Bae Yong-Jun, Lee Mi-Sook, Jeon Do-Youn, Cho Hyun-Jae, Lee So-Youn
South Korea 2003 123’

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CJ Entertainment

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