The Stratosphere Girl

Angela loves drawing comics, preferably in the style of Japanese “manga”. She is eighteen years old and lives in Cologne. Things might have stayed that way had she not met a Japanese DJ by the name of Yamamoto at a party who suggests she pay a visit to Japan. On a whim, she decides to do just that; she hops on a plane and flies to Tokyo to work as a hostess.
Angela is deeply impressed by Tokyo. The city also has an immediate effect on her illustrations; increasingly her work takes on the character of animated cartoons. All at once, her drawings turn into ominous, violent action comics which seem to unravel with frightening clarity before her eyes.
Before long, Angela is immersed in a gloomy tale of murder and cruelty; a story about young, naïve European women who find themselves sucked into the dazzling nightlife of the teeming metropolis, and of men so powerful that the police are helpless against them.
Naturally, Angela herself is the heroine of her story: Angela, the Stratosphere Girl! She continues to work feverishly on her opus. And, since she really lives out the comic she is creating, every brushstroke brings her one step closer to her triumph – or her downfall . . .
by M.X. Oberg
with Chloé Winkel, Jon Yang, Tara Elders, Burt Kwouk, Tuva Novotny
Germany / Switzerland 2003 85’

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Bavaria Media GmbH

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