Hunting Season (Temporada de caza)

Synopsis (momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar)
Nahuel has recently lost his mother. His stepdad, Bautista, is unable to find a legal way to keep custody of him, so Nahuel is forced to live with his biological father, Ernesto, for three months until his 18th birthday. Ernesto is a hunter, living an isolated life with a new family on the outskirts of a small mountain town in Patagonia.

Upon his arrival in the South, their relationship proves to be difficult – Nahuel is reluctant and arrogant while Ernesto tries to follow his day-to-day routine without getting emotionally involved with the kid. Days go by and the tension grows.

After a fight, Ernesto forces Nahuel to join him on a hunting trip. In the depth of the forest, surrounded by the hollow sound of gunfire, a link between them appears to be possible.

Director’s note (momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar)
Like all the men in my family, my father hunts and fishes for sport. I always joined in on these experiences with a single goal: to obtain my father’s approval. I always believed that this activity allowed me to interact with him in a more direct way, as did my brothers. These seemed to be the only moments when we really connected – during these moments, there is a wordless exchange, a silent dialogue that cuts through everything and brings us to a primal, common level.

World premiere
Venice International Film festival 2017, Settimana Della Critica

Key festivals and awards
Critic’s Week Prize, Venice International Film Festival 2017; San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017, Best Film, IFFA Macao 2018; FIPRESCI Prize, Cinélatino 2018

Argentinien, 2017
Regie: Natalia Garagiola
Produktion: Rei Cine SRL (Argentinien), augenschein Filmproduktion (Deutschland)
Deutscher WCF-Partner: augenschein Filmproduktion
Weltvertrieb: tbc

Gefördert in der WCF-Jurysitzung im Juli 2015
Fördersumme: 30.000 €