A Perfect Day (Naoussée)

Synopsis (momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar)
A perfect 24 hours in modern-day Beirut, a day in which Claudia is finally ready to come to terms with her husband’s disappearance 15 years earlier while her son, the narcoleptic Malek, searches the chaotic streets for his own lost love, Zeina. Moving between the old and the new and existing in an emotional void, Claudia and Malek are dislocated and numbed by the trauma of the Lebanese Civil War in which 17.000 vanished. As Beirut’s past is interrupted by its future, this is a perfect day to end the harrowing wait, to put old ghosts to rest and to search for a new future while not forgetting the past.

Locarno International Film Festival 2005, Competition

Festivals und Preise (Auswahl)
FIPRESCI Award, Federation of Film Societies and the Don Quijote Award, Locarno International Film Festival 2005
Special Mention of the Jury and of the Bayard d’Or for Best Actor, Namur Francophone Fest 2005
Mongolfière d’Argent, Prix de la Création Musicale, Prix du Meilleur Acteur in Nantes Festival des 3 Continents 2005
Prix d’Aide à la Distribution, Belfort 2005
Best Director Award, Muscat International Film Festival 2006

Libanon 2005
Regie: Khalil Joreige und Joana Hadjithomas
Produktionen: Abbout Productions (Libanon), Mille et une Production (Frankreich), Twenty Twenty Vision (Deutschland)
Deutscher WCF-Partner: Twenty Twenty Vision
Weltvertrieb: Celluloid Dreams Distribution (Frankreich)

Gefördert in der WCF-Jurysitzung im Januar 2005
Fördersumme: 35.000 €