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High in the North: New Finnish Series

Short format series are becoming increasingly popular as new media outlets enable alternative forms of storytelling while giving greater autonomy to filmmakers to promote their work. But how can one stand out and sustainably reach the intended target group in the vast jungles of web and TV? The makers of two brand new Finnish short series, Nerd: DragonSlayer666 and Blind Donna, unravel an uncompromising approach to telling fresh stories – involving links to the professional online gamer scene – as well as playing with genre elements and joyfully breaking their clichés. Funded by the local public broadcaster high up in the north, the teams behind the series share their tailored marketing and online distribution strategies, partly adapting the extremely popular model recently used for the Scandinavian hit series Skam.



90 Min


Aleksi Delikouras (Experte)
Heikki Kujanpää (Experte)
Max Malka (Expertin)
Mikko Reitala (Experte)
Alison Norrington (Moderatorin)