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Berlinale Talents Event

Crossing Bridges: Reinventing Your Art Form

In their new, space-filling video installation, 4. Halbzeit, Wermke /Leinkauf investigate the central role played by organised football fans in recent social movements from the Occupy actions to Maidan Square in Kiev. Invited for the Berlinale 2015 with their short film Symbolic Threats, the artist duo plays fluidly between the worlds of film, performance and art exhibition. Like many artists with a strong brand, they are now often expected to reproduce their signature: an unruly post-grafitti and street art aesthetic that thematises notions of freedom and stages subversive and risky interventions in public space. In conversation with Berlinale Shorts curator Maike Mia Höhne, Talents alumnus Mischa Leinkauf discusses why artists need to keep reinventing themselves and how the duo develops and finances each new piece with the help of museums, galleries – and lots of perseverance.



60 Min


Mischa Leinkauf (Experte)
Maike Mia Höhne (Moderatorin)