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Berlinale Talents Event

Eternal Summer: Making Art House Hot Again

Spanish director Carla Simón’s at-first-glance-unassuming Summer 1993 has caught the attention of many worldwide. Its title and stills depicting a lush, rural child’s world do not immediately unpack the depth and delicacy of this finely crafted memoir. The international festival darling swept the Best First Feature Award and a Grand Prix of the Generation Jury at the 2017 Berlinale and has gone on to be long-listed for an Oscar and sold to many countries. But how can such European art house films, especially those that fall between genres and could target both adolescent and adult audiences, be packaged for successful distribution? Simón joins the film’s producer, sales agent and German distributor to present their marketing strategy as a case study on the challenges of positioning films in today's complex cinema landscapes.



90 Min


Stefan Butzmühlen (Experte)
Valérie Delpierre (Expertin)
Jan Naszewski (Experte)
Carla Simón (Expertin)
Rebecca De Pas (Moderatorin)