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Berlinale Talents

Space Invaders

with Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, Laura Nix

Having already tried to save the world, The Yes Men are back, and this time, they are revolting! Armed with anger, humor, a camera and performance, The Yes Men have lifted guerilla filmmaking to new heights with their activistic and often slapstick interventions. The Yes Men unite onstage with director and producer Laura Nix to discuss how they made their new film, The Yes Men Are Revolting. They will lay bare their guerilla tactics and explain how to hack into both public and private spaces and get footage working with minimal tech and crew. Further they will highlight the kinds of preparation and legal clearances that are required when shooting under the radar with unsuspecting subjects and in uncontrolled settings. This time taking on climate change and the policies and corporations that exacerbate the crisis, the filmmakers will discuss the responsibilities and aims of political and activist filmmaking. In cooperation with Berlinale Panorama.

2015, 90 Min