Teddy Talents Talks: Queer Visions

Standing against all forms of heteronormativity and gender stereotypes, the Teddy Award has been working to recognise the many facets of queer cinema since its inception in 1987. Non-heteronormative films have long held a special place at the Berlinale, and the titles running for this year’s 37th Teddy Award once again testify to the diversity of our slates, as well as the variety of what “queer cinema” can be. In this joint project with Berlinale Talents, the freshly founded Teddy Talents Talks will bring together five queer creatives with backgrounds in filmmaking and curation. In an unconventional and thought-provoking chat, our guests will be invited to reflect on the opportunities for change in the festival circuit and industry at large, and imagine a future where stories and audiences both will reflect the kind of diversity we’re after.

mit Babatunde Apalowo, Corrie Chen, Gök Akyel, Jennifer Reeder, Lío Mehiel, Djamila Grandits
2023 Englisch 90’


  • Babatunde Apalowo
  • Corrie Chen
  • Gök Akyel
  • Jennifer Reeder
  • Lío Mehiel
  • Djamila Grandits (Moderatorin)