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Press Conferences at the Berlinale
General Information

Press conferences for the Berlinale's Competition films usually take place directly after the press screening. Press Conferences are also scheduled for films in the Panorama Special and the Berlinale Special programme.

  • The press conference room is located in the Press Centre on the first floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and seats about 350 people
  • Access will only be granted according to capacity
  • A platform is available for use by TV camera teams
  • Please note that photographing inside the press conference room is only allowed with a special permission. A press photographer accreditation does not automatically guarantee access to the Press Conferences

Audio-visual material recorded on behalf of the festival:

The Press Conferences of the Competition, Panorama Special and the Berlinale Specials will be filmed professionally on behalf of the festival using three-camera technology. As a service to radio journalists, the Berlinale also provides digital audio recordings of these Press Conferences in their original language with English and German translation.

The recorded audio or audiovisual material will be made available for media coverage in accordance with predetermined conditions.

a. As licensed material:

  • Distributors and producers can purchase the live recordings of the Press Conferences for their films in Beta-SP format or on DVD for use as, for example, bonus material for a DVD production of the film or for press work
  • It is necessary to sign a license agreement and to pay a license fee
  • Additional costs for copying will be incurred
  • The TV/Radio office will be happy to answer any further questions:

b. For up-to-date media coverage:

  • TV channels and radio stations can copy the material for their own Berlinale coverage free-of-charge
  • Copying costs are carried by the channel
  • The TV/Radio office will be happy to answer any further questions:
  • Radio journalists may download the sound recordings of the Press Conferences directly from our website
  • Radio journalists who registered through the online accreditation system have automatic access to audio file downloads via their personal account.
  • The audio files will be available in the original sound, as well as in English and German translation, as mono mp3 recordings
  • The download will be possible from the beginning of the festival until March 15th
  • Press Conferences are streamed live and on demand on the Berlinale website
  • They can later be retrieved from the online archive

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