Berlinale: Prizes Generation

Awards and Juries in the Generation section

Prizes of the Children’s Jury in the Competition Generation Kplus

Ottaal, Jamais contente, El inicio de Fabrizio, Ninnoc

The members of the Children's Jury in Generation Kplus - Fabian Behrendt, Mathilda Fastabend, Felix Fuentes-Hare, Julian Leisle, Lilia Channary Noack, Mette Maren Schmahl, Fritzi Schneider-Reuter, Moritz Süßenbach, Sophie Tischmann, Tamino Köhne, Irma Weiche - give the following awards:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film: Ottaal (The Trap)
By Jayaraj Rajasekharan Nair, India 2015
This exceptional movie touched us all with its irresistible images of nature, laid-back music and amazingly gifted actors. The unique way of filming certain details blew us away. We think it’s important that such a sad and serious topic be tackled in a movie, though the film also managed to capture the humour and joy of life.

Special Mention: Jamais contente (Miss Impossible)
By Emilie Deleuze, France 2016
Using a lot of humour, this film tells an extraordinary story which we were able to relate too well. The film is brought to life by the phenomenal acting talent on display. The soundtrack is so compelling that we would have loved nothing more than to jump up and start dancing.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film: El inicio de Fabrizio (Fabrizio’s Initiation)
By Mariano Biasin, Argentina 2015
We thought this very humorous short film was interesting and funny. The actors were good and made us laugh. The message of the film reinforced our feeling that there’s no reason to rush when it comes to the first time.

Special Mention Short Film: Ninnoc
By Niki Padidar, Netherlands 2015
This short film sets itself apart from the others by describing a rather sad subject in a humorous way from the perspective of a child. The film uses beautiful examples to illustrate how each individual is different but nevertheless has a role to play within the community.

Prizes of the Generation Kplus International Jury

Rara, Genç Pehlivanlar, Semele, Aurelia y Pedro

The members of the International Jury Generation Kplus - Anne Kodura, Nagesh Kukunoor, Kathy Loizou - give the following awards:

The Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Film, endowed with € 7,500 by the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (The Children’s Charity of Germany): Rara
By Pepa San Martín, Chile / Argentina 2016
From its opening shot we get an accurate and thoroughly enjoyable glimpse into an adolescent’s life as she grapples with the everyday problems of growing up. Each scene in this powerful film is carefully constructed with complete economy of movement and script. The characters and relationships are etched flawlessly depicting a modern reality that both reflects the time we live in as well as makes us question the very concept of a perfect family. The acting, the script and above all the direction keep us totally engrossed in this beautiful tale of loyalty, despair, hope and ultimately love in its many forms.

Special Mention: Genç Pehlivanlar (Young Wrestlers)
By Mete Gümürhan, Turkey / Netherlands 2016
This film throws you directly into a boy’s world. The camera takes us on a journey where we see them grapple with the joy and agony of growing up. Without being preachy or condescending, the director shows us a beautiful yet realistic side of a wrestling academy complete with bloody noses, pain, tears and the joy of a perfect slam on the mat. As we start to identify with each of the characters and experience their highs and lows we start rooting for all of them to succeed.

The Special Prize of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Short Film, endowed with € 2,500 by the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (The Children’s Charity of Germany): Semele
By Myrsini Aristidou, USA / Cyprus 2015
The director’s spare, unadorned style is in perfect step with the story, allowing the emotional undercurrents to slowly work their way to the surface. Quiet looks, small smiles, build to a common bond between father and daughter. This is simply about a girl who wants to see her dad.

Special Mention: Aurelia y Pedro (Aurelia and Pedro)
By Omar Robles, José Permar, Mexico 2016
Two things stand out in this film: the special bond between a mother and son and the beauty of the remote environment in which they live. We see their day-to-day: the herding of goats and the preparing of food in their mountainside hut. But the directors’ real achievement is to show us the communion between mother and son, and to move us with the love between them.

Anne Kodura (Germany)
Anne Kodura works as a film and theatre director, screenwriter and producer. She has made several short and experimental films and, in 2010, directed her first theatre play “Orangenhaut” by Maja Pelevic as part of the "Festival für neue Dramatik" (Festival for New Drama) in Munich. She is an alumna of Tradewind Pictures’ TP2 Talentpool programme and was a Berlinale Talent in 2015. Her first feature-length documentary ÖDLAND - Damit keiner das so mitbemerkt (WASTELAND – So that No One Becomes Aware of It) had its world premiere at the Berlinale.

Nagesh Kukunoor (India)
Nagesh Kukunoor, a chemical and environmental engineer by trade, made his first film in 1989. Hyderabad Blues, for which he wrote the screenplay and which he directed, produced and also starred in, broke Indian box office records. Since then he has been responsible for 13 feature films including 3 Deewarein (3 Walls), Iqbal and Lakshmi, which have screened at international festivals. His most recent film Dhanak (Rainbow) won the Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury in 2015.

Kathy Loizou (United Kingdom)
Kathy Loizou is co-founder and director of the Children’s Media Conference and board member of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA). Before that she was the long-standing director of the Sheffield Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival as well as of the Sheffield Doc/Fest. Kathy Loizou is a trustee of SHIFT, a charity training disadvantaged young people in media.

Prizes of the Youth Jury in the Competition Generation 14plus

Es esmu šeit, Las plantas, Balcony, Kroppen är en ensam plats

The members of the Youth Jury Generation 14plus - Vincent Edusei, Emilia Forck, Mira Leskien, Carlotta Saumweber, Tim Schiffer, Esther Siebelitz - give the following awards:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film: Es esmu šeit (Mellow Mud)
by Renārs Vimba, Latvia 2016
We were particularly impressed by a film that managed to create powerful and expressive images in spite of its spare dialogue and understated performances. Thanks to a convincing portrayal of the female protagonist, we were able to accompany her on a journey that movingly depicted the search for personal self-determination, strength and responsibility. In an inspirational fashion, this film production captures the decisive process of personal growth experienced by young people on their way to becoming adults.

Special Mention: Las plantas (Plants)
by Roberto Doveris, Chile 2015
Mindful observation and pause for reflection.With unflinching directness tempered by tenderness, this film depicts a young woman in all her vulnerability, in her feeling out her own way towards sexual expression and in her loneliness. This many-layered production, in which everyday moments of both surrealism and authenticity partake in a fascinating interaction, not only managed to impress us from an artistic point of view – indeed, above all it touched us on a personal level and turned our attention inwards.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film: Balcony
by Toby Fell-Holden, Great Britain 2015
In an ostensibly classic tale of a friendship between two girls who come from different cultures, this film succeeds in astounding the viewer through its sophisticated dramaturgy. The story holds a mirror up to a society still plagued by persistent clichés, a mirror that in the end also forces the audience to face their own prejudices. Provocative and full of strong imagery, this production also manages at the same time to make our current challenges clear.

Special Mention Short Film: Kroppen är en ensam plats (The Body Is a Lonely Place)
by Ida Lindgren, Sweden 2016
Through the combination of aesthetically pleasing and at the same time off-putting images with an intimate text collage representing multiple perspectives, the elements of this film join in a fascinating manner to form an experimental whole that gives expression to the emotions present for individuals struggling with eating disorders. This exploration of a subject of such great importance impressed us immensely with its poetic approach.

Las plantas, Zhaleika, O noapte in Tokoriki, Kroppen är en ensam plats

The members of the new Generation 14plus International Jury - Sam de Jong, Petros Silvestros, Liz Watts - give the following awards:

The Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film, endowed with € 7,500 by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education): Las plantas (Plants)
by Roberto Doveris, Chile 2015
We were strongly pulled towards a movie that sank into our subconscious. The director managed in a profound and extremely cinematic way to convey the sexual awakening of a young woman against a background of family under duress. The central performance is at once strikingly brave and also wonderfully vulnerable. The whole film announces a filmmaker not afraid of extending the boundaries of cinematic language and storytelling. This film is an unforgettable sui generis.

Special Mention: Zhaleika
by Eliza Petkova, Germany 2016
We were moved by this smart allegory about shifting cultural changes and the collision of new and old values in small town Europe. With a great eye for detail, the naturalism of this film combined with a compelling story of a young woman searching for her own place in the world, and her achievement of that freedom, is brilliantly executed both in performance and direction.

Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Short Film, endowed with € 2,500 by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education): O noapte in Tokoriki (A Night in Tokoriki)
by Roxana Stroe, Romania 2016
For its idiosyncratic tone of voice and superb craft and storytelling, this film manages to playfully depict a heartfelt but urgent message. With humorous mise-en-scene, no dialogue and an ironic use of music the film tells a brilliantly engaging story about unacceptable love in rural Europe and its repercussions.

Special Mention: Kroppen är en ensam plats (The Body Is a Lonely Place)
by Ida Lindgren, Sweden 2016
We were all struck by a unique piece of cinema that described a complex condition in a completely original form. Using a beautiful palette of colours, and brilliant writing in the form of voice over, with a bold and innovative point of view, this short manages to describe in a visceral and emotionally disturbing way a young woman's struggle with an eating disorder.

Sam de Jong (The Netherlands)
Sam de Jong from Amsterdam was already making documentaries, music videos and commercials whilst still studying for his degree at the Netherlands Film Academy. Known for his award-winning and critically acclaimed short films Magnesium (2012), Marc Jacobs (Berlinale Shorts 2014) and Malaguti Phantom, he began working on his feature film debut in 2014. Prins celebrated its world premiere at the 2015 Berlinale and received a Special Mention from the Youth Jury Generation 14plus.

Petros Silvestros (United Kingdom)
Since graduating in directing from the London Film School, Petros Silvestros has been working as a film, television and commercials director and is active as a jury member, adviser and programme director for numerous international film festivals. In his multi-award-winning short films he approaches a variety of subject matters with his exciting narrative style. At the Berlinale he has been awarded the Crystal Bear by the Youth Jury twice in a row, for Mike in 2014 and for A Confession in 2015.

Liz Watts (Australia)
Liz Watts is an Australian film producer and board member of the South Australian Film Corporation. Many of the films she has produced, including the Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Animal Kingdom and The Rover (both directed by David Michôd) have screened successfully at international festivals and in cinemas. She has participated in the Berlinale with her productions Walking on Water (directed by Tony Ayres, Panorama 2002) and Lore (directed by Cate Shortland, Lola@Berlinale 2013).

After each Generation screening, questionnaires are distributed amongst the audience. The form offers audience members a chance to express their thoughts and opinions about the film. The film questionnaires do not have to be returned immediately in the cinema but can be completed at home and sent back to Generation by post within one month.

Every year, about 1,500 filmgoers return the questionnaire. Respondents who write openly, honestly and vividly about their film experience stand a chance of being selected to award the Crystal Bears themselves at the following year’s festival. Only children who will be aged 11-14 during the upcoming festival can sit on the Children’s Jury. The members of the Youth Jury must be at least 14, but no older than 18.

The questionnaires are also forwarded to the directors of the participating films, so that each filmmaker can find out first hand how his or her film was received by the Berlin audience.