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Bai Ri Yan Huo

Black Coal, Thin Ice


Producer: Qu Vivian / Cast: Yu Ailei, Wang Xuebing, Gwei Lun Mei / Director, Screenwriter: Diao Yinan / Cast: Liao Fan, Wang Jingchun, Ni Jingyang / Moderation: Anatol Weber

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Northern China, 1999. The grisly discovery of several corpses is made in a small town. A bloody incident during the attempt to capture the alleged murderer leaves two police officers dead and another badly injured. The surviving officer Zhang Zili is suspended from duty; he takes a job as a security guard at a factory. Five years later, another series of mysterious murders occurs. Aided by a former colleague, Zhang decides to investigate under his own initiative. He discovers that all the victims were connected to Wu Zhizhen, a young woman who works at a dry cleaners. Pretending to be a customer, Zhang begins to observe her and finds himself falling in love with the reticent Wu Zhizhen. One cold winter’s day he makes a horrific discovery. His life now in danger, he realises it is not always possible to separate guilt from innocence. Diao Yinan’s use of the characters of the ex-police officer and the femme fatale is a direct reference to classic detective films. This director’s third feature is a noirish thriller in drained colours which, whilst playfully alluding to the genre, also invites us into the lives of very ordinary people.

People's Republic of China / Hong Kong, China 2014, 106 min


Diao Yinan


Liao Fan
Gwei Lun Mei
Wang Xuebing

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